Until 2003, the Web design program at South Plantation consisted of two classes: Web Design 1 and 2. It was during this time that a student, Dane Robertson, near the end of Web Design 2 and as a junior, wanted to continue his learning of Web designing. He took the initiative and spoke with the principal about the possibility of creating a Web Design 3 class where they would be responsible for the designing and updating of the school website. At the time, the school web site was only a shell with not much content or design.

Other students in the current Web Design 2 classes liked the idea and also signed up for Web 3 for the following year. The task at hand was new to everyone, including the teacher, but before the year was over, South Plantation has a brand new and up-to-date Web site. Since then, it has become a tradition--or a class assignment--that the current Web Design 3 class, re-design the school's web site and leave a new site for everyone to enjoy the coming year. It is also a challenge for the Web 3 class to it better, faster, more interactive, and keep the current one up-to-date. Each year, the class has met the challenge of the previous year's class and the web sites have become more and more professional looking, interactive, and the content and delivery of content has increased and become unique.

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